Rights Catalogue 2022

SM Ediciones is the Mexican branch of one of the first publishing houses in the Spanish-speaking world that developed literary books for children and young adults. Our best known imprints are El Barco de Vapor (children’s fiction) and Gran Angular (young adult fiction). Our picture books are also favorites among readers, as they can always find a good book, regardless of their age or interests.

Mónica Romero Girón
Editor in Chief:
[email protected].

Find us in the SM México Stand, pavillion 29, booth G2, and in the Caniem Stand, Hall 30, A4.

We will present three books from SM México for this year’s fair, to be enjoyed by over 30,000 visitors. These books are:



by Lourdes Laguarda

Berenice, a shy librarian, is searching for a co-author for her novel. With the help of her closest friend Julián, she contacts Alejandro, a sculptor’s apprentice who accepts the challenge of only communicating via notes, without ever meeting. While they co-write their fantastical tale about a love beyond time, they don’t realize that they themselves will become the protagonists of a fabulous story.



by Carmen Leñero
illustrations by Salvador Jaramillo


There is a place for everything in this book of lively words: fantasy, reality; changing landscapes, animated objects, astonishing images and nostalgic childhood stories. Here the world can be anything you want it to be; just look at it from new angles and immerse yourself in its colors.
Primastic presents a playful and sensitive approach to poetry.



by Carlos González Muñiz


Winner of the Gran Angular Award 2021.

It’s spring and the inhabitants of the continent Circa are preparing for the terrible kain, a colossal movement of earth that rearranges the regions of the world.
Cartographers face the worst earthquakes in history while the world’s governments have distanced themselves from the needs of the people. Hope lies in the old legend of the lost kingdom of Sara, which keeps the secret to predicting kains and deciphering nature’s largest mystery: humans’ hunger for power.

About our authors…

Lourdes Laguarda

Lourdes Laguarda was born in Mexico City in 1993. She learned about literature thanks to the books her mother used to read to her as a little girl. She fell in love with stories, especially horror and thrilling mystery. She began her career at a young age, experimenting with short stories, for which she is now an award-winning author.

Carmen Leñero

Mexican writer Carmen Leñero intertwines poetic creation with music, critical thinking and literary fiction. She has won literary awards such as the Juan de la Cabada National Award for Children’s Books 1996, the Carlos Pellicer Iberoamerican Poetry Award 1998, and a nomination for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2011 by the Swedish Art Academy. She has been included in sixteen national and international poetry and narrative anthologies.

Carlos González Muñiz

An author, editor and screenwriter, Carlos González Muñiz has a master’s degree in Literary Theory and is a founding partner of the Mexican editorial La Cifra, where he has served as a director for many years. He has published novels for adults and young adults, along with a children’s album. As an editor, he has worked to support the embassies and cultural institutions of Taiwan, France, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal and Japan. He has edited fiction, comic books, graphic novels, and non-fiction academic works.

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